The newspaper the Ouest France speaks too about the conference which will take place on September 20th, 2018 to the Theater Graslin in Nantes as part of the 150th anniversary of RICS France and 30th anniversary of the ICH of Nantes which will introduce the theme " And if the real estate became mobile? ". 

The article interviews Alain RAGUIDEAU, President of CINA, Patrick DUGUÉ, President of DUGUE Commerce, Stéphanie LECONTE, Director of the real estate division of ICH Nantes and Christian DUFOUR, Founder of Clerville, four actors-keys of the real estate of Nantes. The article also details the themes which will be approached: business, Office, House and their correlation.

This day of conferences is piloted by the ICH of Nantes and the RICS, in partnership with Dugué, Realities, Arm Real estate, Simon and Partners.

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